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The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church

An ancient tradition with progressive faith. Our communion has always been inclusive and forward thinking regarding our worship and culture. Founder and first Archbishop Veron Mar Enoch Ashe was keen on maintaining the traditions of the St. Thomas lineage (Syrian Orthodox), at the same time he discerned the need for adaptations for the western context.

In honor of his memory, we strive to maintain our spiritual lineage in a way that is faithful to the past, present, and future. We welcome all on this journey!

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Sundays at 5:00 PM (PST)

Join Archbishop Avi Penhollow every Sunday Live and dive into the legacy and teachings of Ancient Eastern Christianity and the prophetic preaching of our founding Archbishop Veron Ashe (Mar Enoch).


The legacy of spiritual wisdom continues with Archbishop Cheryl Naomi Davis' book Seven Keys To Awaken The Kingdom Within.  This book is designed to usher the reader into a deeper level of contemplation and spiritual awakening in discovering the inner kingdom. Get your copy today and visit Amma's website at

A communion of Christians seeking continual union with the

Ancient Faith.


The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church is a self-governing (autocephalous) jurisdiction of the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. Our roots are ancient and eastern. 

The teachings of The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church are derived from Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Conciliar affirmation. Scripture contains those truths taught by Christ to the Apostles and later put into writing. Apostolic Tradition represents those truths, and the conciliar nature of the church affirms the continuation of the apostolic witness through the unity of the Spirit as manifested through the people of God.

H.E. Mar Enoch-Veron Ashe

Founding Archbishop 1968-2014

We are a

Sacramental Church


in that we recognize and practice Seven Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) as channels of God's grace by which we share in the Divine Life of God himself for our salvation. These include: Baptism, Eucharist. Chrismation, Reconciliation, Ordination (Holy Orders), Holy Unction (Healing and Last Rites), and Holy Matrimony.

We are an

Ecumenical Church


that is commited to working side by side with all who proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. Differences of theology or denomination do not prevent The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church from working together for the common good for the sake of Christ.

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