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Michanda Lindsey

Michanda considers it a joy to hold space for, support, encourage, uplift and remind people of the truth, grace, power and radiance already within us.   

As a Presence & Transformation Coach, Michanda calls it soul-warming to help people expand their powerhouse of beliefs about themselves and others. Michanda reminds us that, as much as we are our history, our culture, our experiences, our joys, our successes, our triumphs, our wounds, and our pains - we are even more. Therefore, she is honored to assist people in releasing their blind spots and slowing down in order to make time and space to truly listen from the inside out. 

Emphasizing that transformation is an ongoing journey that begins from within, Michanda encourages us to listen, live and lead with authenticity, courage and compassion. Integral to all of this, she says is cultivating a continual practice of presence, openness and gentleness. Michanda enjoys working with people of all backgrounds since she believes that as we each grow and expand our perceptions and beliefs, we inspire those around us to do the same.

Michanda served as Vice President for the Board of Trustees at Kent Denver School and has served as a Mentor and the Mentor Lead for the Women’s Advisory Council Member for City Year Denver as well as an Advisory Board Member for C.I.R.C.L.E. (Connecting Inclusive Responsive Communities Leading Education). She was also a Board Chair for Breakthrough Kent Denver and has served as a parent representative for Leadership Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek School District.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Michanda earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication and a Minor in Spanish from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Michanda worked as a television news anchor and reporter for nearly a decade in Ohio and in Savannah, Georgia, and while anchoring in Savannah, taught broadcast writing and broadcast announcing courses at Savannah State University as an adjunct professor. She also served formally in ministry in Ohio, Savanah, and Denver.  Several years after her consecration as a priest, Michanda knew she was called to serve all people of all paths and backgrounds - including those who may never step into a church, those without a faith practice, and those who do not subscribe to any religion.  

This propelled Michanda to pursue coaching as a vocation and allowed her to connect with and bring compassion, healing and empowerment to many.  As part of her transition into coaching and consulting, Michanda received training and certification from The Pacific Institute as well as Strategic People Development. Michanda has also created her own coaching certification program called The Flow, to help people let go of the pressure to prove they are enough and to instead connect with their true essence, letting that authenticity flow into every facet of their life. 

In addition to her coaching practice, Michanda is also a filmmaker. She and her husband Cajardo Lindsey created the production company, 22Eleven and are in the midst of producing their first film, BLACKFACE: the story of nobody, written by Cajardo. Michanda’s role in supporting such artistry revolves around the company’s emphasis to bring light to the complexity, vulnerability, and majesty of humanity - while celebrating diversity and authentic storytelling. 

In every environment she enters, Michanda brings a unique perspective from her eclectic background as a transformation and presence coach, a former television news anchor, producer and reporter, a priest, yogi, community leader and film producer. Her passion is bringing elevated consciousness to all she does and holding space for all to do the same.  Michanda believes excellence is not confined to an outer result but is demonstrated through integrity, compassion and commitment during each step along the way. She desires to leave a legacy of helping people integrate presence, truth, gratitude and magnificence in all they create, give and receive. Most of all, Michanda hopes that we all perceive each moment as a treasured opportunity to grow and live with deeper purpose and peace, knowing that we are all one and we are all light and love. 



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