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Archbishop Avi Penhollow

Avi Penhollow is the current Presiding Archbishop of the MTOC.  He was born on December 26th, 1971 in Dubuque, Iowa.  Avi spent his childhood in Beloit, Wisconsin.  After graduating from High School he attended the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and returned to his hometown to finish his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Journalism at Beloit College (1997).

Avi was active in ministry during his undergraduate years.  As President of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, he organized lectures and services at the college and petitioned to have an interfaith meditation and prayer room on campus.  After graduating in 1997, Avi moved to Southern California to attend Fuller Theological Seminary.  


Soon after his arrival in California, Avi began exploring ancient eastern Christianity which led him to the Orthodox Church.  After more research, he discovered the St. Thomas tradition of India and eventually this led him to meet Bishop Veron Ashe (Mar Enoch) in Fresno, CA.  During this time Avi also met regularly with former National Director of Vineyard Churches USA, Dr. Todd Hunter (who has since been consecrated as bishop in the Anglican Episcopal Church).  

The friendship between Avi and Bishop Ashe was quickly established, and in 2002 

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